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Most people don't think about it - until it hurts! - but few things are more important to your quality of life and personal self-esteem than good dental health.

Your teeth, when properly maintained, should last you a lifetime. However sometimes the routine maintenance of your beautiful smile should receive gets less attention that it should.

We understand We're here to help.

For the past 20 years. Lorenzana and Associates has made it our mission to keep your teeth and general dental health in the best condition possible Utilizing some of the most advanced dental techniques and equipment available. Lorenzana and Associates has, since 1991, been privileged to serve hundreds of smiling, satisfied Filipino and foreign clients throughout Olongapo City and Northern Luzon.

Whether you're interested in a simple semi-annual check-up, an orthodontic consultation, advice on a wide array of cosmetic dental enhancements, or any other form of dental care please take a moment to stop in and say hello.