Endodontics is a fancy dental word for a root canal treatment.

An Endodontic (or root canal) treatment is frequently necessary to attain permanent relief from recurrent toothache pain as well as for saving valuable tooth structure if a tooth becomes infected or damaged due to excessive decay or injury.


The treatment required for an infected tooth depends upon the condition of the tooth's pulp (or "root"). A tooth's pulp contains nerves and blood vessels for the tooth. If the tooth is abscessed (the pulp has died and infection has entered the bone), the infection may have to be drained before the root can be filled.

Once the tooth's infected pulp has been drained and the remaining interior structure of the tooth has been cleaned and medicated, a crown or tooth-colored resin inlay will be permanently applied to protect and reinforce the remaining natural tooth structure.


The duration of an Endodontic procedure varies depending upon the size of the tooth and the extent of the damage we find.

Once a crown or resin-inlay has been applied to the treated tooth the procedure is complete and the tooth will have effectively been restored to near-normal strength and functionality.

Pain Avoidance.

When patients hear the word "root canal" they typically think the procedure will be extremely painful. Not so.

Lorenzana and Associates take the utmost care in making sure our patients are as relaxed and as comfortable as possible during this procedure through the use of the most up-to-date local anesthetic techniques and preparations.