General Dentistry.

Your teeth, if taken care of properly, should last you a life time. Were here to help make sure they do.

Just as you should have a physical check-up every year, you should also have your teeth checked every six months to ensure the overall health of your beautiful smile.

Semi-Annual Check-ups.

Lorenzana and Associates recommends that you make an appointment to visit us twice a year for a comprehensive oral evaluation and cleaning.

During these evaluations we can determine the overall health of your teeth and take appropriate measures to correct any dental problems before they grow into damaging problems which will require expensive treatments.

Cavities. Tooth Sensitivity. Gum Disease.

Cavities are a nearly unavoidable dental problem for all people. However, if detected early, cavities can be treated and repaired with a minimum of discomfort and - thanks to modern filling materials we use - virtually no visual sign of the repair.

Tooth sensitivity pain caused by hot and cold temperatures or to sugary or acidic foods and drinks and gum disease are also fairly common problems which our professional staff and modern equipment are uniquely prepared to address.


If, during an evaluation, you are found to have one or more teeth which are beginning to show signs of decay or if you are experiencing temperature or food sensitivity we will begin your treatment with a set of oral X-Rays.

X-rays reveal problems that dentists can't see with the naked eye, such as decay between teeth or damage to the bone caused by gum disease.

Early detection of these and other problems through the use of oral X-Rays can prevent extensive damage and avoid expensive treatments.

Once we determine the exact cause and location of the problem, Lorenzana and Associates will take all appropriate measures to treat and restore your teeth to their natural form, beauty and functionality.